Pictures - Artist: Tanja Hirschfeld  | stitch and colour


Upcoming Event

November 2022

Guest exhibition         GALERIE DESOUZA 

Our art gallery "LaJoya Space" is located in a beautiful city-palacio in the old town of Valencia. It's our wish to present artists in a new and extraordinary way and also to support them with our contacts all over Europe.

By the way: We are filling the LaJoya Space with life, as we also organize artist talks, art-workshops as well as smaller and larger events. So come and say hello or "Buenos días".

We are so thankful for the support of the beautiful and friendly people from Valencia, our business neighbours, CatThai, El Doctor Sax, Home by Auk, the StreetArt Community, the expats from Europe who live here and last but not least the cuisiniers and owner of the clubs here in this sunny city.