Pictures - Artist: Heidi van B. 


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 After 1,5 years, 4 exhibitions, 70 artists and nearly 450 visitors in our beautiful Palacio Echeveste, we make a cut and leave this wonderful "space" in the old town of Valencia to discover new places for you with our gallery and our artists.
You can be curious about where it will go – we will keep you up to date.
In the meantime, of course, we manage our permanent artist Heidi van B. and are happy that she is already very popular and sells a lot of pictures.
Those who have purchased a work by the still unknown artist from us can consider themselves lucky. Not only do they experience an increase in value, but they have also proven a "good hand".

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our Instagram account at LaJoya Space.

We are located in Valencia, sometimes here and sometimes there. No location should be permanent and currently we are looking for a new extraordinary "space".